Nigerian troops repel Boko Haram attack in Borno, kill 10 Authorities at the headquarters of the Theatre Command in Maiduguri have consistently assured that troops would not relent on aggressive mop-up operations to rout “remnant Boko Haram terrorists”. They described recent attacks and suicide bombings by

    Why Studying Middle East Politics Helped This Expert Understand Trump's Appeal Donald Trump’s election was a frightening event for many Muslim Americans ― and Shadi Hamid, a senior fellow at the Brookings Institution, was no exception. Hamid, author of Islamic Exceptionalism: How the Struggle Over Islam Is Reshaping the World

    Colombian Airline Avianca to Resume Flights to Venezuela BOGOTÁ, Colombia— Avianca, AVH-0.16 % one of the few international airlines still offering service to Venezuela, on Saturday temporarily suspended flights to Caracas after one of its aircraft was closely tracked by a Venezuelan military plane.

    Spaniards, Exhausted by Politics, Warm to Life Without a Government MADRID — For the past 288 days, Spain has plodded along without an elected national government. For some Spaniards, this is a wonderful thing. “No government, no thieves,” said Félix Pastor, a language teacher who, like many voters, is fed up with

    Like Hillary, Italian PM Gets Celebrity Backing Ahead of Make-or-Break Vote ROME (Reuters) – Italy’s most famous chef and more than 80 actors, singers, directors and athletes on Sunday backed a constitutional change to be voted on in two weeks, giving Prime Minister Matteo Renzi desperately needed support. Italians will vote

    Health of Thailand's 88-year-old king deteriorates BANGKOK - The health of Thailand’s ailing 88-year-old king has deteriorated and his condition is unstable, the palace said, adding to concerns about the eventual succession of the monarchy. Doctors performed a hemodialysis on King Bhumibol Adulyadej to

    JERUSALEM (Reuters) - Politics and religion combined on Sunday to halt much of Israel's train service at the start of its working week. Bowing to demands by ultra-Orthodox partners in the governing coalition, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu ordered rail

    344 days to the next general elections and political temperatures across the country are at an all time high, with aspirants, especially those seeking the top job criss crossing the country trying to win the hearts of the electorate. In the last few weeks

    Zimbabwe Follows Robert Mugabe's Health by Following His Plane HARARE, Zimbabwe — It is an indirect clue at best, but it is often all they can get: Many Zimbabweans have taken to divining the state of their increasingly frail 92-year-old leader’s health from the movements of his presidential plane. On Saturday

    Open House: Vatican opens papal summer apartment to public VATICAN CITY — Now this is an open house: The Vatican on Friday opened the private apartments at the papal summer retreat to the public, giving visitors a rare look at the bed where Popes Pius XII and Paul VI died and where John Paul II recovered from an


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