Celebrity PR boss admits secretly filming himself having sex with a man he met on Grindr and posting the footage on a porn website A celebrity PR boss 'outed' a man he met on Grindr by secretly filming their sex and uploading the footage to a porn website. Matthew Christian, whose firm worked with the likes of Dawn French and...

    U.K.'s Euro Clearing Business at Risk as ECB Requests More Powers FRANKFURT—The European Central Bank lodged a formal request for greater powers to supervise euro-denominated clearing, stepping up a tug of war between European Union authorities and Britain over the future of the lucrative business line after Brexit.

    Week In Politics: Senate GOP Health Care Bill, Georgia Special Election NPR's Kelly McEvers talks with our regular political commentators, E.J. Dionne of The Washington Post and Brookings Institution, and David Brooks of The New York Times, about the Senate Republican health care bill, the special election in Georgia, and the

    STASI: Surrogate moms are celebrity incubators Surrogacy is the new slavery: womb slavery. The latest celebrity to hire a personal broodmare (after having two children naturally) is the newly black Kim Kardashian. Surrogacy — the method by which rich or at least well-off couples hire women who

    British PM May reappoints Greg Clark as business minister LONDON British Prime Minister Theresa May announced on Sunday that business minister Greg Clark would retain his job, amid a cabinet reshuffle following last week's national election. (Reporting by Andy Bruce; Editing by Keith Weir)

    Introduction to special issue on Hong Kong Politics The 1st of July will mark twenty years since the handover of Hong Kong. Economically, politically, and diplomatically, a lot has changed. China now occupies a prominent position on the world stage, and China’s economic development has continued apace.

    Axios Sneak Peek: Here's What You Need to Know in Politics This Week After spending time with President Trump at the G7, German Chancellor Angela Merkel has concluded that the United States can no longer be relied upon as a security blanket for Europe. Merkel's comments foreshadow a transformation of the U.S.-European

    Moon Vows to Seek Peace With North Korea, Take on Big Business Moon Jae-in pledged to push for peace with North Korea and get tough on South Korea’s biggest companies in his first remarks as president after a resounding election win. Moon was officially sworn in on Wednesday after an easy victory in an vote called

    China Says Taiwan Health Not at Risk by Absence From U.N. Meeting BEIJING — The Chinese government said on Wednesday that the health of people in Taiwan is not being put at risk by Taiwan's inability to attend a U.N. health meeting this year as there is no barrier to technical or medical exchanges and aid. Self-ruled

    Niece of France's Le Pen held as rising star quits politics PARIS – The niece of defeated far-right French presidential candidate Marine Le Pen announced Tuesday that she's leaving political life, at least temporarily, citing "personal and political reasons." Marion Marechal-Le Pen had been seen as a rising star