Staking its future on video, BuzzFeed has announced that it will split into two units: a new, video-focused BuzzFeed Entertainment Group and BuzzFeed News. The move, reminiscent of previous splits at News Corp and Tribune, is designed to maximize BuzzFeed

    Pebble, the venerable startup behind beautiful wearables like the Pebble Core, Time 2 Round, and Time 2, have been historically stellar when it comes to software updates. The last round added the ability to mute app notifications and mute languages

    Platform business models generate value by bringing consumers and producers together -- ideally in a way that is more efficient and qualitatively better than in the past. The framework for achieving this objective rests on three elements, according to

    Our team of experts conducts regular in-depth interviews with innovators and leaders to provide insights about the evolution of the marketing discipline. Rachel Shechtman is the founder and CEO of STORY. Rachel has created a highly successful retail

    Quip CEO Bret Taylor had a nice payday earlier this month when he sold his 3-year-old startup for $750 million to Salesforce. But more than anything, it sounds like Taylor's more excited about all the salespeople he'll be able to tap into by being part

    Analytics teams have devoted the last few decades building large and elaborate infrastructures that attempt to gather and harmonize essential business data. These systems are critically important to business. Yet a Forrester study found that 32% of

    Q. What’s the best way to manage business cards? There used to be a great system called CardScan that allowed someone to scan a card and the information could then be transferred to a contact database. Is CardScan out of business? The scanners connect to


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    NBC Sports Presents Coverage of 2017 AVP PRO BEACH VOLLEYBALL TOUR, 6/25 NBC Sports Group's coverage of the 2017 AVP PRO BEACH VOLLEYBALL TOUR continues...

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