Will self-driving cars put cab drivers, truckers out of business? A row of Google self-driving Lexus cars at a Google event outside the Computer History Museum in Mountain View, Calif., in 2014. Ronald De Feo has watched robots take factory jobs for years. Now he sees them threatening a new class of worker: People who

    6 Ways Product Managers Can Be Heroes With Behavioral Data Learn more about how DevOps teams must adopt a more agile development process, working in parallel instead of waiting on other teams to finish their components or for resources to become available, brought to you in partnership with CA Technologies.

    7 Money Saving Tips For Small Business Owners To Keep More Profit Money saving tips come in handy for small business owners that want to hold on to more profit. Most successful entrepreneurs and business owners are extremely efficient and goal-driven people. They know how and when to make those smart decisions that will

    Sustainable Business Models Are The Key To Unlocking Trillion The Business and Sustainable Development Commission report released this week estimates that $12 trillion will be added to the global economy when the new economy, that is to say, sustainably operated companies that are quietly outperforming in all markets

    Broadcast's Battle With Big Technology Premium video is a huge success story Most broadcasters have moved on from seeking solutions that will enable them to auction a chunk of remnant inventory. Instead they are trying to address the more fundamental challenge of inserting a new layer

    Another day, another reminder that companies don’t really have to abide by promises to not share your personal information. They have a big “but” in their contracts. ‘We won’t share your data’ (until we do) — Sports Authority, WhatsApp

    Case study: Co-operative Technologists Those doing good will be able to buy tech at an affordable discount. Those doing bad will need to pay a premium for the unscrupulous remnants of the tech industry who prefer dollars to purposeful work.” Harry believes that technology will play a key role

    Business-Class Airline Free Upgrade Hacks No One Told You About Definitely, it's a smashing experience to fly business class with just an economy ticket! No extra charges are included to get into this, just simple "Business-Class Airline Free Upgrade Hacks No One Told You About" is needed. Any traveler's vacation will

    Trump Says Regulations Impede. Perhaps Not in the Electric Car Business. President Trump is not fond of regulations. Within weeks of taking office, he and his appointees began to roll back rules that govern the financial industry, guns, the energy business and broadband internet providers. Last week was the auto industry’s turn.

    10 Websites to List Your Home Renovation Business Intuit forecasts that approximately 7.6 million Americans will be involved as providers into so-called "gig" economy by 2020, which means that the current total of 3.2 million will be more than doubled. On-demand business model is constantly escalating in