(CNN)Rudy Giuliani is defending his questions about Hillary Clinton's health, saying he's "performing a public service" and that he hopes that Clinton is "perfectly healthy." "I hope Secretary Clinton is perfectly healthy, and I feel that I have performed

    Donald Trump is mainstreaming hate. That was the central message of Hillary Clinton’s speech last week in Reno, Nev., where she detailed Trump’s record of stoking racism and conspiracy theories. “From the start,” she declared, “Donald Trump has

    Perhaps the most amazing fact about Donald Trump is that he doesn't read. Not books, not much of anything. He's not alone. Though the first public school, Boston Latin, was opened 381 years ago, and began teaching young settlers to read, we're still

    Mr. President, you're doin' a heckuva job. Which is what another president -- George W. Bush -- told his man on the scene before the political roof fell in after Katrina struck New Orleans. But if truth be told, as it often isn't in politics, the bayou

    State lawmakers rejected a plan on Monday to place limits on individual campaign donations for city and county offices, races where in some California communities there are no restrictions on the size of a legal donation. Assembly Bill 2523 was supported

    ALBANY — A state parole panel that denied the release of John Lennon’s killer cited “the premeditated and celebrity seeking nature of the crime” for its decision. The Daily News reported on Sunday that the three-person panel ordered that Mark David

    “Party of Lincoln”: A lamentation among critics of the current Republican Party of how far it has drifted from the 16 th president’s era; for GOP lawmakers, a shorthand reminder of the party’s proud origins. If there’s anything left to agree

    Speaking on the gospel and cultural engagement at a national conference sponsored by the Southern Baptist Convention's Ethics & Religious Liberty Commission, Russell Moore complained that politics has become a religion and a source of identity for many

    Hillary Clinton's campaign is raising new questions about the validity of Donald Trump's medical report and using it as an opportunity to once again underscore Trump's lack of transparency on a series of issues. Clinton's campaign is both prodding Trump to

    Hillary Clinton has landed on a very personal counterpunch to what she says is Donald Trump's checkered business past: her dad. As the Democratic presidential nominee works to undercut Trump's economic record and promote her plans for small businesses, she


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