Welcome to Essential Politics, our daily feed on California government and politics news. Between now and Wednesday night, the big focus will be on the last hours of this year's legislative session in Sacramento. Gov. Jerry Brown signed into law a ban on

    It’s Tuesday in New Jersey, where Donald Trump is reportedly using one of his private golf clubs to prepare for his debate with Hillary Clinton, feasting on fast food as he employs his own methods for getting ready. Quote of the Day: “He’s an

    Rolling coverage of all the day’s political developments as they happen, including Jeremy Corbyn’s speech on digital democracy Lunchtime summary Hope Not Hate, the anti-racism campaign, is organising dozens of “More in Common” community events

    The media exploded, excuse the pun, with yesterday’s news that former US congressman and New York mayor wannabee Anthony Weiner was once again outed for sexting. The NY Post article contains several images of his underwear covered and rather impressive

    Republican gubernatorial candidate Chris Sununu called a report on his relationship with an executive for an Islamic charity “slanderous bordering on racism.” The Union Leader reported on Monday that Yacub Mirza, a large investor in the Waterville

    The notion that America’s two major political parties are fundamentally different sorts of animals is not new. But this idea has been out of fashion for some time, particularly in the balance-obsessed media, where anything said about one party must

    (CNN)Rudy Giuliani is defending his questions about Hillary Clinton's health, saying he's "performing a public service" and that he hopes that Clinton is "perfectly healthy." "I hope Secretary Clinton is perfectly healthy, and I feel that I have performed

    Donald Trump is mainstreaming hate. That was the central message of Hillary Clinton’s speech last week in Reno, Nev., where she detailed Trump’s record of stoking racism and conspiracy theories. “From the start,” she declared, “Donald Trump has

    Perhaps the most amazing fact about Donald Trump is that he doesn't read. Not books, not much of anything. He's not alone. Though the first public school, Boston Latin, was opened 381 years ago, and began teaching young settlers to read, we're still

    Mr. President, you're doin' a heckuva job. Which is what another president -- George W. Bush -- told his man on the scene before the political roof fell in after Katrina struck New Orleans. But if truth be told, as it often isn't in politics, the bayou


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    Adventure Island opens new thrill-seeking ride Vanish PointNew ride opens at Adventure Island that drops you down a tube after the floor opens out from underneath you.