Ryan Says He'll Seek Re-Election as Speaker Speaker Paul Ryan says he is going to seek re-election to the top job if Republicans maintain control of the House as expected

    Labrador running for Idaho governor after controversial health care remarks Idaho's U.S. Congresional candidate Raul Labrador (R) celebrates with his supporters after beating the favored Vaughn Ward Wednesday, May 26, 2010 at the Republican campaign headquarters in Boise, Idaho. (AP Photo/Matt Cilley) Last Updated May 9, 2017 3:26

    Former congressman Tom Periello makes surprise run for Virginia governor Mark Warner and Tim Kaine. Perriello was a one-time favorite of his party's liberal wing when he was in Congress and when he flirted with a gubernatorial run in 2013, but has been largely absent from state politics in recent years. He was most recently a

    Trump on Intel Briefings: 'I'll Solve the Problems' "We have some big enemies out there," Trump told Axios.

    House Oversight Chair Says Trump Didn't Want to Discuss 'Oversight' in Meeting Rep. Jason Chaffetz said Trump made the comments at a recent meeting.

    The business side of politics In 1919, German political economist Max Weber delivered what has become a famous lecture, titled "Politics as a Vocation." It was a substantial address, almost 23,000 words, and near the beginning Weber made the following distinction: "There are two ways

    Inside Trump's Controversial National Security Council Changes On Friday Trump outlined the structure for his national security council.

    Germany's vote to OK gay marriage likely to benefit Merkel Chancellor Angela Merkel has dominated German politics for over a decade thanks to a combination of flexibility, tactical savvy and luck

    Trump picks Christopher Wray as next FBI director President Donald Trump announced Wednesday that he will nominate former Assistant Attorney General Christopher Wray to be the new director of the FBI.

    Trump 'Seriously Considering' Ben Carson for HUD This comes after Ben Carson ruled out a position citing lack of experience.