Binary Choice and American Politics in the Age of Complexity Nowhere does domestic political dysfunction have such global effects as in the United States. The rigor of the two-party system in the United States is one of the key causes of the extreme stratification of the U.S. political debate. If one effectively

    The Paranoid Style in American Politics Is Back Most prediction models, including the one put together by The Times, foresee a Hillary Clinton win, but recent polls show her lead diminishing. As Nate Silver wrote on the 538 website on Sept. 6: The clearest pattern is simply that Trump has regained

    Trump Adviser Dodges Question on Claim 'Millions' Voted Illegally The claim has been widely dismissed as false.

    Judges Focus on Whether Trump’s Immigration Order Is Muslim Ban The Justice Department and Washington made their case before an appeals court.

    Nigerian troops advancing into major Boko Haram enclave - Buratai According to the Army Chief, the advancement is an onslaught to finally flush out remnants of insurgents from the forest and rescue all those abducted in that area. He added: “This year (2016), the whole Army Headquarters will be moving into the North

    The Politics of TrumpCare Admit it or not, the GOP will soon own the health insurance market. THE WALL STREET JOURNAL - President Obama and Vice President-elect Mike Pence both paid a visit to Capitol Hill Wednesday, in the first formal engagement over the future of the Affordable

    The real reason politics has 'gone mad' - blame falling wages, not Muslim immigration, says Labor's Jim Chalmers Politics has "gone mad", and Australian politicians shouldn't blame a rising tide of anti-Muslim sentiment or opposition to multiculturalism as the main reason. Instead, according to Labor finance spokesman Jim Chalmers, it's because of a "deeper

    Trump lays out limits of business involvement Donald Trump will not accept briefings on his business while serving as president, and he’s open to limits on his ability to talk business with his two adult sons slated to run the company, according to a Trump spokeswoman. But as details emerge on Trump

    Mylan CEO Defends EpiPen Pricing in Congressional Testimony The company has come under attack for the significant price hike.

    Why 2016 Wasn't All Bad: Looking Back At The Breakthroughs For Women In Politics To put it simply: this year was rough for a lot of women. There were a lot bruising moments for the feminist movement this year. Yet, while we need to absolutely recognize these struggles, in the wake of a seemingly grim year for women, there were...


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