The Behavioral Side of Supplemental Nutrition Assistance One of the oldest objections to programs aimed at boosting the purchasing power of low income households is that money meant for socially desired goals like better nutrition for mothers and their children, can easily end up supporting things the taxpayer

    Nigerian Army target of 'campaign of calumny' — Official “That is why all efforts must be geared towards mopping up the remnants of the desperate terrorists still bent on causing mayhem wherever they can. “Any soldier who is not satisfied with the professional drive of the Nigerian Army and that of the

    Repeal the Health Law? “It seems reasonable to ask what Republicans have been doing for the last seven years.” To the Editor: Speaking to supporters a week before the election, Donald Trump promised that he would call a special session of Congress to “repeal and replace

    'A Mistake': GOP Downplays Puzder's Housekeeper Issue Labor Secretary nominee Andrew Puzder has acknowledged that he had employed a housekeeper who wasn't authorized to work in the U.S., as the Senate's top Republican came to his defense and dismissed the issue as a "mistake" that had been fixed

    Judges Focus on Whether Trump’s Immigration Order Is Muslim Ban The Justice Department and Washington made their case before an appeals court.

    House Oversight Chair Says Trump Didn't Want to Discuss 'Oversight' in Meeting Rep. Jason Chaffetz said Trump made the comments at a recent meeting.

    GOP Sen. Sasse Doesn't 'Understand' Trump on Putin or 'So-Called Judges' Republican Sen. Ben Sasse said he doesn't "understand" President Trump's statements on Russian leader Vladimir Putin or the president's slamming a federal judge as a "so-called judge." ABC News Chief Anchor George Stephanopoulos asked the Nebraska senator about the president's tweet Saturday attacking a federal judge who temporarily blocked Trump's...

    Democratic Senator: 'Everything Depends' on How Trump's Supreme Court Pick 'Answers the Questions' Senators will look closely at Gorsuch's record, Sen. Klobuchar said.

    Mike Pence on Russia in Ukraine: 'We’re Watching and Very Troubled' “We’re watching and very troubled by the increased hostilities," Pence said.

    Appeals Court Denies Justice Department Motion to Immediately Lift Block on Travel Ban Justice Department filing claims judge's order "second-guesses" Trump.


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    Strategic Financial Group LLC Has 2,000 Stake in International Business Machines Corporation (IBM) Strategic Financial Group LLC boosted its stake in International Business Machines Corporation...

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