Gas Tax, Health Care Complicate Tennessee Governor's Race NASHVILLE, Tenn. (AP) — The repeal of former President Barack Obama's health care law was supposed to provide a springboard for U.S. Rep. Diane Black's entry into the Tennessee governor's race. State Sen. Mark Green was supposed to capture to the core of

    California politics updates: Lawmakers hope to move up California's presidential primary, Gomez and Ahn get post-election boosts The legal battle over California's cap-and-trade program is going to the state Supreme Court. After suffering a defeat last week, the conservative Pacific Legal Foundation announced Friday that it will appeal the decision. The cap-and-trade program

    Trump Threatens Health Subsidies to Force Democrats to Bargain WASHINGTON — In the weeks since President Trump’s attempts to replace the Affordable Care Act collapsed, the administration has debated what to do: Try again? Shore up the insurance marketplaces? Or let the whole system collapse? Mr. Trump has failed

    Democrats seek to resolve health payments on spending bill Democrats are up in arms over President Donald Trump's threats to deny payments to health insurers under Barack Obama's health care law. Party leaders want the issue addressed in the current talks on the spending bill to keep the government open.

    Donald Trump's path to health care victory: Andy Slavitt The dealmaker-in-chief badly wants a deal on health care. President Trump has even been willing to hold his nose and support terms put forward by the hardcore conservative House Freedom Caucus that are hugely unpopular with his own backers, like allowing

    'Heartbroken' Ivanka Trump influenced Syria strike, her brother says "I'm sure she said 'listen, this is horrible stuff.'"

    Trump urges China to 'solve the North Korea problem' Trump tweeted today on the threat from North Korea.

    What Trump and administration officials have said about Syria Administration officials have suggested a range of potential positions.

    Politics Live - readers' edition: Tuesday 11 April I’m not writing my usual blog this week but here, as an alternative, is the Politics Live readers’ edition. It is a place for you to discuss today’s politics, and to share links to breaking news and to the most interesting stories and blogs on the web.

    GOP owns health care dilemma now, and voter skepticism WASHINGTON (AP) — Move over, "Obamacare." The health care debate has shifted to ideas from President Donald Trump and GOP lawmakers in Congress, and most people don't like what they see. With Republicans in command, their health care proposals as


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    Seth Meyers Goes Off on GOP's Supreme Court Hypocrisy: 'One of the Greatest Thefts in Modern Politics' This was supposed to be a good week...

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