Flame-Retardant Chemicals Linked to Kids' Behavior Problems “This is an intriguing finding because no one had previously studied the behavioral effects of organophosphate classes of flame retardants, which have been added to consumer products more recently.” Flame retardants are found throughout the environment

    School playground smoking ban in public health plan Plans to ban smoking in school and hospital grounds and playgrounds in Wales have been launched. But this second attempt to bring in the Public Health Bill does not include a controversial ban on e-cigarettes in some enclosed places. The Welsh Government

    Being Single Is Now a Disability, According to the World Health Organization According to the Telegraph, the World Health Organization will change its definition of disabilities to classify people without a sexual partner as “infertile.” The controversial new classifications will make it so that heterosexual single men and

    7 hidden health hazards in your home Your home is supposed to be safe haven for your family, but it also actually contains some sneaky health hazards that can lead to accidental, serious and even deadly consequences. Fox News talked to a handful of experts to learn about seven of them and how

    TouchStone Behavioral Health hiring in NW WA Post-doc therapists can train at this NW WA counseling practice. Behavioral health counseling can be an amazing help in times of crisis. It also works wonders even when things are going well. We could all stand to learn more about ourselves and our

    4 in 10 job-based health plans in U.S. are now 'high-deductible' (HealthDay)—High-deductible health plans are gaining ground among U.S. adults with employer-sponsored health insurance coverage. But too often, enrollees say high out-of-pocket costs are causing them to skip or delay needed medical care, a new government

    Sometimes, little changes in your body can signify a change in the status of your health. For instance, your nails. Nails happen to be one of the most overlooked parts of our body, but also happen to be a prominent teller of one’s health. Other than the

    Triad behavioral health facility's .6M expansion nears completion, will bring 110 new jobs Old Vineyard Behavioral Health Services is close to finishing its expansion project at its campus in the Triad. Plans include additional beds and a new program. Old Vineyard Behavioral Health Services is close to completing its $14.6 million expansion at

    Ditch pills, these health foods with vital nutrients are a better bet The best way to have a healthy body is to drop the consumption of pills and medicines as substitutes for vegetables and include food which is packed with vitamins, minerals, and essential nutrients, says an expert. Sujetha Shetty, Nutritionist at Gympik

    Want to delay death? Swimming, racquet sports, even dancing, would help Swimming, racquet sports and aerobics are associated with the best odds of staving off death, and in particular of reducing the risk of dying from heart disease or stroke, scientists said on Tuesday. In a study of various types of exercise and their risk


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