Behavioral health provider hires hospital medical director Ending a nationwide search, a local behavioral health provider has found its new hospital medical director. Pine Rest Christian Mental Health Services said last week it has appointed psychiatrist Dr. David Folks as medical director of the hospital programs

    Maternal Depression May Reduce Child's Empathy Currently, the research team is studying how maternal depression and mother-child interactions are tied to children’s stress hormones, behavioral empathy, hormones related to bond formation and their neural reaction to affiliative cues. Feldman also

    Spontaneous default network activity reflects behavioral variability independent of mind-wandering The brain’s default mode network (DMN) is comprised of regions that are highly active during wakeful rest. In the past 15 y, the DMN has been a target of investigation in thousands of basic and clinical neuroscience studies, yet the fundamental role of

    Employers Fear GOP Health Overhaul Could Damage Job-Based Insurance Through years of acrimony over the relative merits of Obamacare, one kind of health insurance has remained steady, widespread and relatively affordable: Employer-sponsored plans. Job-based medical plans still cover more Americans than any other type

    University of Minnesota to Expand Mental Health Services MINNEAPOLIS (AP) — The University of Minnesota's School of Nursing is using a $2.1 million grant to expand mental health services to underserved parts of the state. The Minnesota Daily ( reports that the nursing school will partner

    COBRA Health Insurance Eligibility and Alternatives If you lose health insurance that you or your spouse have through a job, you’ll want to quickly look at options for buying another health plan. That’s because health insurance is required for almost all Americans. One option is to buy a plan from the

    From meditation to garden clubs, Paterson school board candidates offer variety of proposals These children have significant behavioral and emotional challenges that our illegal underfunding has made very difficult to address. The one new program I would push in the district if I am elected would be the transcendental meditation program which has

    5 questions to ask before choosing a health plan It’s open enrollment season, the time of year when we need to sort through confusing options and try to predict how often we’ll get sick next year. Some people, especially those shopping for plans on the Obamacare insurance exchanges are facing

    Why Charging Smokers More For Health Insurance Costs All Of Us Money Cigarette smokers have rights. No one should be able to tell an adult that she can’t spend her hard-earned money on cigarettes. But non-smokers have rights, too. Specifically, they shouldn’t have to pay to subsidize the healthcare costs of people who

    Words of wisdom on World Mental Health Day Prince William, Duke of Cambridge, and Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge, attend the World Mental Health Day event with Heads Together at the London Eye on October 10, 2016 in London, England. October 10 marks World Mental Health Day, and everyone from