What You Need To Know About Your Heart Health Just a few days after suffering a reported cardiac episode on her flight back to Los Angeles from London, actress, writer, and mental health advocate Carrie Fisher has died at the age of 60. We don't know many details at this point about Fisher's tragic

    Weslaco, Donna ban smoking Eric Masten, media specialist for Behavioral Health Solutions of South Texas, described “comprehensive” as the inclusion of restaurants and bars where smoking is prohibited. According to Masten, this is why the Tobacco Prevention and Control Coalition

    New article outlines ways to help rural children with mental, behavioral and developmental disorders In the latest of a series of reports on child mental health, the Center for Disease Control and Prevention documents that rural children from small communities have more mental, behavioral and developmental disorders (MBDDs) than those living in cities and

    Enrollment in the insurance exchanges for President Obama’s signature health-care law is at less than half the initial forecast, pushing several major insurance companies to stop offering health plans in certain markets because of significant financial

    Analysis: GOP Health Plan May Not Fix The Problems They Want To Fix House Speaker Paul Ryan from Wisconsin has been complaining about the Affordable Care Act (aka Obamacare) for so long that his list of grievances sounds like a refrain of some pop song. "Obamacare is collapsing," he said on Feb. 28. "The Democrats got too

    Listen up, men. It's time to push that toxic masculinity aside. We need to chat about mental health and suicide. If you're apprehensive about speaking up, don't worry. There's a hashtag for that. SEE ALSO: Man Therapy says it's manly to take care of your

    Respected Pepperdine Associate Professor Dr. Thema Bryant-Davis Asked to Serve as Panelist for National Convening on Minority Mental Health Topics to be addressed within the convening include highlighting the unique and persistent behavioral health disparity challenges for communities of color, along with the development of possible strategies to resolve these enduring behavioral health equity

    Hunters get free health screenings at Jay's Nathan Blakemore was selling raffle tickets for the Harrison Lions Club at Jay’s Sporting Goods near Clare when he decided to get a free health check. Walking a few feet to tables set up by MidMichigan Health, Blakemore got a blood sample taken by a

    Could a Daily Vitamin Curb Smog's Health Effects? FRIDAY, April 14, 2017 (HealthDay News) -- There's a lot of evidence to show that breathing in dirty air can harm your heart. But a small new study suggests that daily vitamin B supplements might counteract that effect. While two hours of exposure to

    Body-weight workout: Celebrity trainer shares 6 easy moves Want to get in shape for summer? Join TODAY's Summer Shape-Up Challenge! We've enlisted three TODAY viewers to participate on air, but you can follow along with them at home. One viewer will only follow Obi Obadike's exercise regimen, one will follow Joy


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