Westcott Behavioral Health to host presentations for Mental Health Month In recognition of Mental Health Month, Westcott Behavioral Health at Hamilton Medical Center is hosting some presentations to help remove the stigma of mental illness. All events are free and open to the public. The theme for Mental Health Month this year

    Worldwide health authorities urged to rethink vitamin D guidelines Worldwide health authorities are being urged to rethink official guidance around vitamin D following the publication of a ground breaking study from the University of Surrey, which dispels the myth that vitamin D2 and D3 have the same nutritional value.

    Five Misleading Republican Claims About Health Care Republican lawmakers have their own version of the facts about the impact of their replacement for the Affordable Care Act. Here is an assessment. Senator Patrick J. Toomey of Pennsylvania said falsely that the bill “does not pull the rug from anyone

    A Call for Children's Behavioral Health Care A child can be "healthy" using many measures, but consider this definition: A healthy child can participate in age-appropriate activities without limitations. For a 6-month old infant, that may mean babbling or rolling over; for a 14-year-old, it may mean

    United Airlines CEO nearly died a month into the job — here's the one piece of health advice that saved his life For United Airlines CEO Oscar Munoz, October 15, 2015 started like most days – with an early morning trip to the gym. However, by the end of the day, Munoz would be wheeled into the ICU of a...

    What Celebrity Surrogacy Is Really Like from One Mom Who's Been There: 'It Was Never About Money' As Kim Kardashian West and Kanye West consider a surrogate pregnancy, a woman who has been a surrogate says the journey to match any parent or parents with a woman who will carry a child and then give it up to them is...

    Canadian baby 'first without gender designation' on health card An eight-month old Canadian baby has been issued a health card without a gender marker, in what could be the first case in the world. Parent Kori Doty - a non-binary transgender person who identifies as neither male nor female - aims to allow the child to

    Latest In-depth Sports Medicine Industry Research Report: Size, Share, Growth, Trends and Forecast 2020 Sports Medicine Industry is gaining popularity because of western sports. Sports Medicine is needed when the injury or pain arises due to exercises or sports activity. Sports Medicine Industry is classified on the basis of Body Support & Recovery Products

    Officials break ground on Erlanger Behavioral Health Hospital Officials broke ground Monday on the Erlanger Behavioral Health Hospital. The 88-bed hospital is a joint effort between Erlanger and Acadia Healthcare, according to a news release. "This new hospital will be providing essential in-patient, outpatient and

    Lakeshore Health opens medical, behavioral health wing Lakeshore Health opens medical, behavioral health wing Lakeshore Community Health Care opened Medical, Behavioral Health Wing last week. Check out this story on